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My name is Alena Hopper

I am the owner of Grab a Bag, Keto. Three years ago I started the keto diet to lose weight fast. I always had a healthy body, even with my 5-foot frame and easily lost weight after having my children. 

What changed?  

I started getting older spent less time on myself and formed a lot of unhealthy habits. Life started to pass me by. Does this all sound familiar?

Before I knew it, I had gained 30 kgs. I stumbled across the Keto diet.  A sugar-free, low-carb and high-fat diet that helps you lose weight fast.  I learnt all I could about the keto diet. The sound of the delicious food tickled my fancy.

I have been living the keto diet for three years and have had a massive 30kg fast keto weight loss transformation. There have been times when I thought I could go back to eating every day carb-laden foods. I gained some weight back and felt unhealthy and bloated.  I know the Keto diet is not for everyone but it works for me and helped me lose weight fast.

I can vouch for the Keto diet and how it makes me feel healthy. You can lose weight fast, on average I lost one kg per week.  I am an extremely busy Mother of 4, 2 of whom have high health needs. They are my heroes and I need to be the best version of myself! I work at our local Intermediate as a Teacher Aide, which happens to be the Intermediate I attended and my children attended. 

I have tasted and tested every single product we stock. It's important to me that they taste good and that I can back our products. 

Please join me on our Social Media pages, where I share tips & tricks and Keto recipes and showcase the delicious foods I enjoy. Hearing from people about their keto diet or self-love journey gives me joy. Join me to lose weight fast!

Alena xxx


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