Keto Crispy Chocolate Cups

Keto Crispy Chocolate Cups

Keto Crispy Chocolate Cups

Delicious crunchy, crispy cups of chocolate goodness. These tasty morsels will curb those sweet cravings, without knocking you out of ketosis.


  • ½ cup Keto-friendly cereal (we love Blue Frog Keto Almond, Peanut & Raspberry)

  • 2 TBSP Coconut oil

  • 220g Keto-friendly chocolate (we love Justine's Keto baking chips)


The best part of this recipe is that there is no baking.

  1. Grab all your ingredients.

  2. You will need a non-stick muffin tin or silicone mould. I recommend a silicone mould, but this is my personal preference.

  3. Melt your Keto-friendly chocolate and coconut oil. I prefer to use a microwave. It is entirely up to your personal preference on how you do this!

  4. Once the Keto-friendly chocolate and coconut oil are melted and smooth, coat the bottom of each cup of your non-stick muffin tin or silicon mould. Use enough so that you cannot see the mould or tin.

  5. Disperse or sprinkle the Keto-friendly cereal into each muffin tin or mould cup. Now do not worry, the amount in each cup does not have to be perfect! The Keto-friendly cereal should be on top of the Keto-friendly chocolate layer.

  6. Tip the rest of your melted Keto-friendly chocolate and coconut oil mixture onto each muffin tin or mould cup. The melted mixture should cover the Keto-friendly cereal.

  7. Place into the fridge so the melted mixture can set. I would suggest about 2 hours.

You will not be disappointed. These truly are amazing. I love to enjoy these with a nice hot, piping coffee! Just because you live a Keto lifestyle does not mean you get to miss out on the foods you love.

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