Grab a Bag Keto Facts and Questions??

Have you been browsing through our Website? Do you have some questions or are you looking for some more information??

Browse through our FAQ'S and if you still can't find what you are looking for, head to our contact page.


 Does Grab a Bag Keto do Free Shipping?


Short answer - YES. We do free shipping, nationwide in NZ.

Social Media


What Social Media is Grab a Bag Keto on?

We are on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, look us up on @grababagketo


Contact or Getting in Touch



How can I get in contact with Grab a Bag Keto?

You can send us an email.

Send us a message on Facebook Messenger

Send us an Instagram Message


Payment Options


What payment options do we have? 

Credit Card or Debit Card
Gift Card
Internet Banking or Manual Payment to our account



Gift Cards


Do we sell Gift Cards?


Short answer! Yes we do.

What denomination or amount are the Gift cards for?

$25, $50, $100, $150, $200

How do I buy a Gift Card?

By clicking on our Gift Card page on our website


Can I buy a Gift card and put another persons name on it?

Yes. You are given an option to put your details (the gifter) and who the Gift Card is for.

Do Gift Cards expire?

Yes. Gift Cards are valid for one year.


Where can I find all of Grab a Bag Keto's recipes?

You can find our amazing Recipes on our Social Media and also on our Blog on the menu tab on our website.


Where do we get all our products from?

Glam Jams Kapiti
Provides our amazing jars and cordials.

Nourish and Thrive Wholefoods
Provides our amazing Boxed Keto products.

Frenchies NZ
Provides our amazing Keto Sauces.

Tracy Bakes Keto
 amazing slices and baked goods

Tawa Books and Post
Provides our NZ Post prepaid postage bags and where we drop our parcels to be posted.

Packaging Products
 All our bags and packaging are sourced from Packaging Products and are eco friendly.


Environmentaly Friendly



Is our packaging and products safe for the environment?

Absolutely. All off our packing is eco friendly ,including our bubble wrap. We        recommend all packaging and wrapping be recycled and glass jars re-used.


There is an error

What do I do if I am unhappy or something has gone wrong?


In the case you are dissatisfied or there is an error with your purchase, please let us know, so we can rectify the error.  We want to build trust and reassure our customers that you can buy with us in confidence. 

 Pre Made Meals

Do we make and deliver pre-made meals?

No. Our bags are Keto products or ingredients.