Grab a Bag Keto's New and Improved 'Baking Bag'

Product Review: The Latest in our Grab a Bag Keto range is our New and Improved Baking Bag.

We have some old favourites, swapped some brands and added the amazing

Welcome to the gorgeous new 'Grab a Bag Keto, Baking Bag'. You will not be disappointed by all the amazing Keto baking and products that you can prepare. I have been living the Keto lifestyle for about three years and also have a back ground in baking and cake making. There are some amazing ladies and Gentlemen out there who bake the most delicous Keto slices, ready for you to order. But what if you enjoy baking and want to make it yourself???

This is the bag for you! We have a current offer with $10 off. Get this amazing bag for $87

and receive a free Keto Protein cookie and mini from the fabulous Justine Cookies.

Dont forget our FREE SHIPPING

Your First Impressions

I know $87 may sound expensive, but if you were to purchase all these items from the suppliers it would cost you $101.15 (including shipping) that is a saving of $14.15

Dont forget your FREE SHIPPING and cookies!

I have tried and tasted all our products

I can assure you that I have tried and tasted all of our products. Because I live a Keto lifestyle I need to believe in my products and know that they taste good. The Cinderalla Baking Almond Meal is the best flour substitute that I have found and is a really reasonable price. Some of the baking I have tried with the Cinderella Baking Almond Meal includes fatheat dough, scones, hamburger buns, scrolls, brownies, muffins, slices and naarn, just to name a few.

Our Baking Bag can really help you to stay on your Keto journey. It can curb your sweet cravings and leave you feeling like you are not missing out!

Pros and Cons

I really do empathise that it is alot of money to shell out. But rest assured you can make so many things. Be sure to check out our blog for amazing receipes.

Bear in mind that you really are getting a bargin with our Baking Bag.

The Final Score

With three years of living Keto under my slighlty smaller belt! I give our Baking bag a huge thumbs up and five out of five. This is by far my favourite 'Grab a Bag Keto Bag' it combines two of my favourite passions - living keto and baking! These products really can take credit for my 30kg weightloss (well other than myself - im so taking some credit)!

Make sure to leave a comment, and share your experience of Keto bakingand how it has helped you.

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